Can you use Shopify for local Naples Florida Store?

When it comes to developing a website for a business, it is paramount that local Naples businesses consider the intricacies of their websites. For starters, they need to decide whether the website will be a simple website that only bears the list of products and or services offered along with their contact information or whether the website will be a full storefront for the business.

In this regard, when a simple website suffices in meeting the needs of a local business, then best platforms
such as Joomla and WordPress will work just fine. However, if the website will also function as a storefront for the business, it is of critical importance that Naples’ businesses use an appropriate platform for the website. Shopify is an excellent e-commerce platform and many businesses across the globe are using it to sell their merchandise online.

However, the big question that every business is operating in and out of Naples is whether Shopify can be used for local Naples business. The simple answer is yes. To gain a proper understanding of how local businesses in this part of Florida can take advantage of Shopify to drive their business, we will explore how Shopify is used to drive business in the local context. These are some of the services offer by GGG Marketing.

Shopify is the premier platform for e-commerce purposes. It has been developed with simplicity and ease of use as core tenets. This results in a platform that is easy to use and simple to deploy and maintain in-house. The platform is fundamentally intuitive and easy to come to grips with as you continue to use it. Additionally, there are many online resources and tutorial for business owners to use and acquaint themselves with how to use the platform. This is the complete opposite of the situation businesses in Naples faced in our yester-years as they had to hire a website designer to develop their web stores from scratch.

In functionality matters, the platform allows you to add as many products as you want. Importantly, it will enable business owners to list the price and the descriptions of the products, thus giving customers all the information they need while making a purchase. Moreover, there are opportunities to add photos of the product for improved advertising.

Once you have set up the web store, the remaining bit is to decide on fulfillment. For fulfillment, you can decide to go it alone and handle fulfillment in-house. In many cases, this tends to more cost-effective. The savings made are passed on to the clients and customers, making you competitive. On the other hand, you can decide to use fulfillment center, especially when you have a lot of order and not adequate capacity and capability to handle fulfillment in-house. Either way, once a customer places an order, Shopify notifies the web store owner.

In addition to enabling-commerce, the platform comes with numerous marketing tools that many Naples business can do with. These include email autoresponders, coupon code creation tools, upsells, sales funnel creation tools, and much more. Overall, using Shopify gives Naples’ business unprecedented marketing opportunities.

When it comes to receiving payment, the same principles of simplicity and ease of use is applied. Shopify users can make use of a wide plethora of payment methods including PayPal, 2Checkout, Stripe, or even receiving funds to your bank.

Now, after creating a website using Shopify, business owners can expect a positive impetus on their bottom line. More and more people are turning online shopping and shunning away from traditional brick and mortar shopping. As such, having a web store ensures that you take advantages of this rising market. However, for businesses that choose to ignore the power of the internet, they have to contend with lost business as their competitors cash-in.